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Muslims in America Following the Catastrophic Tragedy of 9/11

          With regards to “Muslims in America Following the Catastrophic Tragedy of 9/11, no one can deny that it was a catastrophe not only for the United States, but indeed for all freedom loving people throughout the world, people who believe in the inalienable right of the individual to freedom of religion and human dignity.

          But the aftermath of that tragedy will forever be etched in the minds of Muslims throughout the world, who now number more than 1.3 billion. These people and their descendants will forever remember the wanton disregard for their basic human rights as they are bundled into custody on trumped up charges or no charges for that matter, other than the fact that they were Muslims.

      All this because the hijackers were allegedly from the Middle East and were described as Muslims, even though a true Muslim should never hurt a single individual irrespective of that individual’s religious persuasion and or ethnicity.

          Some 80,000 Muslim men and women were detained on mere suspicions and of that number only three were charged, two were released and only one was convicted of a visa violation.

          Yet even today in 2008 Muslims were being stereotyped, there are countless incidents of hate crimes against Muslims, some people were found with arms and ammunition that could wipe out an entire city, but yet are protected by the Judicial system which gave one convicted Jewish doctor, such a light sentence that it is still repugnant to common sense and logic.

          There are radio talk show hosts who show open hostility to all Muslims, some with such ‘savage’ remarks that it makes you wonder if some people are still living in the era of the nomads. The media generally gave little or no attention to those Muslim organizations which condemned the tragedy and called for those to be brought to justice. Rather they focused on the tragedy as being Muslim-inspired, condoned and supported. The Council on American Islamic Relations was the first to come out with a statement condemning the attack, but this did not find its way into the corporate owned media which was involved with the plans to attack Iraq.

This book also details the many arrests of Muslims of all walks of life and points to the attacks and killing of innocent individuals because of their religious persuasions and ethnicity.

In fact not only have some Muslims been murdered, but their families have been uprooted, some have lost their homes, jobs, their future, their children have been traumatized and even today, their futures are uncertain.

The tragedy was also used as a pretext for invading a sovereign territory, Iraq, which up to today, in 2008, the slaughter of the innocents is continuing. Some have estimated that about 800,000 Iraqis have been killed, men, women and children, because of false evidence which the Bush administration presented to the nation.

The arrogance with which the present administrations continues to justify its invasion of Iraq continues to baffle the world and one wonders how free are the Iraqis are today before the invasion and occupation.

Here at home, the book traces the many financial scandals which robbed millions of working men and women of their lives’ savings including Enron, World-com, Tyco International, Xerox and other financial giants.

Attention was also focused on the use of secret evidence against individuals who were detained and the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Amnesty International, as well as CAIR  were among the organizations that raised serious questions on the move by the Bush administration.

Now that it has been confirmed that Islam has the largest following in the world, it is hoped that some recognition will be given to Muslims.

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