Guyana"s Independence Anniversary Guyana celebrated its 47th Independence anniversary against a Backdrop of a stable politi
Posted by Edwin on 05/28/2013
     Guyana is Blazing a new trail in economic, social and political advance.
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     Guyana Celebrates 47th Independence Anniversary



By Edwin H Ali


     Guyana celebrated its  47th Independence anniversary against a

Backdrop of a stable political and economic climate, a steady increase

In its Gross Domestic Product, over and above its neighbors like

Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and offers the best

Opportunities for investors.


     The only English speaking country I the North Eastern Tip of

South America, a the 83,000 square mile country is rich in tremendous

Resources including gold, manganese, bauxite, and n abundance of virgin territory, and has the potential to develop a vibrant tourist sector.


     Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “Land of many aters”, because of the many rivers and creeks which criss-cross the land. The country is also called the Land of six peoples, because of its multi racial population.


     Guyana’s Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Irfaan Ali

Assured would-be investors that their investment was secure as the

Banking system is sound  and the country provides opportunities for growth and development.


     The Minister was speaking  at the Caribbean Trade Center’s Invest Guyana Forum  arranged to celebrate Florida World Trade Month, Guyana’s Independence anniversary and the CTC’s 5th anniversary,

And was attended by business representatives from a number of companies.


     Master of Ceremonies Wesley Kirton called on CTC President Michael Matthews to make the welcome remarks in which he spoke of Guyana being the gateway to the world and later  some of the sponsors outlined their activities and achievements over the years,



     Before the Minister spoke, representatives of  Laparkan, Sea Freight, Highland, Latin Biz Medical  Tourism Association and Caribbean Tourism association addressed the gathering and outlined the successes

They have achieved over the years in working with Guyana.

Mr. Khan noted that his company has been in operation for some 30

Years and observed that Guyana is on the move.


     In his remarks Mr. Ali told his audience that Guyana can be a vehicle to target the other countries in the region and should be

Considered as an Investment destination which can provide a market

For some 500 million people.


     He said Guyana has built some 100,000 new homes, hotel rooms

Have increased from 623 to over 37,000 and a new Marriott hotel is being Constructed and a new $100 US) million airport is under



     The Minister said Guyana is a vehicle for investment as it offers

Sustained growth and new markets as well as helping investors

Accessing 33 countries with over 500 million people.


      He assures investors that Guyana has land and the cheapest

Skilled labor, many concessions and therefore there is no need for

Investors to delay and as Guyana grows, the investors will also grow.


     One of the plans in the works is  new hydro electric plant which

May be costly at first, but which but in three years or so, electricity

Costs will be reduced dramatically.


     Discussions were also underway between Guyana and Suriname

On bridging the Berbice river and disclosed for the first time that

Consideration was being given to building a second city.


     Minister Ali said what is needed for Guyana to move forward is

For a more efficient, reliable and cost effective freight system and for an

Increased air lift to the region.