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When you speak the truth you are subject to discriminatin and harassment
   We can expect certain groups, who seem to own and control this nation, to take punitive action against those who do not bow to their pressure. See article on Helen Thomas. Who is next?
Posted by Edwin on 12/05/2010

Things are getting worse for the Palestinians as Arab leaders twiddle their fingers
    The Arab leaders generally only give lip service to democracy and the rule of law as Israel continues its policy of genocide. Perhaps we can examine the problem from a historical perspective as follows:
Posted by Edwin on 11/29/2010

It is the alienable right of any individual to follow a religion of their choice. Or Is It?
     People the world over think it is their right to follow a religion of their choice. But when someone decides to become a Muslim, It is a different matter. Read what happens to one individual when she took this bold and courageous step.
Posted by Edwin on 11/25/2010

Republican Party Sweeps the Polls at the Mid Term elections
    Spending more than 100 million dollars, including funds from overseas countries, the Republican Party is back in control of the House, but not the Senate. It remains to be seen what is next.
Posted by Edwin on 11/04/2010

Resort at Primland The Latest wave
     The Lodge, at Primland in North Carolina is the latest attraction that is creating a wave in the area, especially for golfers.
Posted by Edwin on 10/18/2010

No condemnation to the call to kill all Muslims
    Are we witnessing another crusade against Muslims? The evidence suggests that or ethnic cleansing?
Posted by Edwin on 08/16/2010

Obama lends Support For Plans To consruct Islamic Center and Mosque
     President Obama has come out in strong support for the plans to construct and Islamic Center in New York, a direct slap in the face of those who seek to promote division and cause chaos in the city.
Posted by Edwin on 08/14/2010

Are our phones being tapped? And By whom and for what purpose
     Americans are raising concern over reports that their phones are being tapped and this concern is all the more alarming when it is claimed that it is being done by Israel. This is a very grave issue and should be treated as such
Posted by Edwin on 07/20/2010

The true reason for invading Iraq
     Sooner or later the truth will come out as to why the invasion of Iraq was necessary, It was certainly not for the benefit of the Iraqi nation as the world is beginning to learn.
Posted by Edwin on 07/08/2010

Move to Assassinate the Turkish Leader?
     We often hear of terrorists from one side of the fence, but not of the actions taken by Mossad. Why?
Posted by Edwin on 07/06/2010

The courage of one Journalist
     Everyone in the world knows that if you criticize Israel, you earn the wrath of many countries and leaders in the world today, leaders who are afraid of their own shadows and who cannot see further than the tip of their nose.
Posted by Edwin on 06/08/2010

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