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CAIR continues to receive wide support
     Despite the machinations of a new ill advised individuals, the Council on American Islam Relations continue to make progress in the defense of the inalienable rights of individuals
Posted by Edwin on 12/02/2011

How long will this injustice be tolerated
     The silence by the western world is deafening. How long will this injustice continue?
Posted by Edwin on 11/30/2011

Another show of force and partiality by Israeli Police

     Justice must not only be done, but must appear to be done.



Posted by Edwin on 10/05/2011

Will the Palestinians have their statehood? Transmitted below is Beirut-based journalist and author Robert Fisk's typically unsparing assessment of the transformation of the Middle East which he
     That there are dictators in the Middle East and especially among Arab leaders has never been in question, but the world remains silent in the face of apartheid, crimes against humanity and genocide being committed daily by the Israelis. Abas did the right thing and only the cowards and spineless will attempt to railroad his plans. Time will tell.
Posted by Edwin on 09/25/2011

Black civilizations have made tremendous contributions to global development
     It will perhaps take years for the world to acknowledge the contributions which Black civilizations have made to world development, but it will happen eventually.
Posted by Edwin on 09/14/2011

Israel continues to vacillate while thousands suffer
     Historically Israel has always been able to wiggle out of commitments, assurances and agreements using all the subterfuge at its disposal and inventing videos to promote its allegations of the happiness of Palestinians over the 9/11 tragedy. The world accepted this version without question but it was false.
Posted by Edwin on 05/27/2011

The King hearings are underway
    Here we go again, Those obsessed with Islam and finding new means of committing fabrication.
Posted by Edwin on 03/14/2011

The Hate Mongers are on the rise
     Muslim bashing has become famous in this country and it seems some people are using all means at their disposal to condemn all Muslims, all 1.5 billion.  You cannot stop the truth from succeeding.
Posted by Edwin on 03/01/2011

Once you are Palestinian or Arab you are guilty of any crimes the Israeli accuse you of
     World opinion is mounting against Israel for the apparent move to annihilate the Palestinian people. It is distressing that the western nations are guilty of such a move.
Posted by Edwin on 12/15/2010

Holder seeks Muslim cooperation on sting operations
_     There seems to be an abundance of evidence of FBI entrapment of young Muslims who are led into terrorist activities and others who are singled out by law enforcement authorities
Posted by Edwin on 12/11/2010

There are many people in the world who are not afraid to call a spade a spade
   It is time that courageous people stand up to what is right and defend the Palestinian people. People the world over are losing faith with the U.S. and its pandering to the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv.
Posted by Edwin on 12/07/2010

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