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Israel is not too happy over recent action by world Academicians

     Opposition is growing to the repugnant measures which Israel has

implemented in Palestine and the list is growing against what is certainly

a policy of apartheid. 


Posted by Edwin on 12/17/2013

The world remains silent and indifferent to the Plight of the Palestinians

    Mass ill-treatment of Palestinians by Israel is continuing unabated and the world

remains indifferent. For most western countries genocide and inhuman 

violations against Palestinians is not their business.  But you can fool people

some of the time, maybe most of the time, but not all the time.  



Posted by Edwin on 06/11/2013

Guyana"s Independence Anniversary Guyana celebrated its 47th Independence anniversary against a Backdrop of a stable politi
     Guyana is Blazing a new trail in economic, social and political advance.
Posted by Edwin on 05/28/2013

Emerge USA Leading The Way
    Emerge USA  celebrated its seventh anniversary with a fund raising banquet
Posted by Edwin on 05/15/2013

Time for resolution of Palestinian crisis

    When some former Israeli top brass call for a two state
resolution to the Palestinian crisis, it is time that the Israeli take notice 

move forward instead of splitting hairs.



Posted by Edwin on 04/14/2013

Professor Juan Cole"s frank comment on the new Pope

     Professor Juan Cole has made a significant comment on the action of 

 the new Pope and what he says is an eye opener for people of faith

throughout the world


Posted by Edwin on 03/31/2013

The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

    Apart from the outstanding views, magnificent scenery

and exciting menus, San Juan can easily be described 

as the Culinary capital of the Caribbean




Posted by Edwin on 10/12/2012

Israel continues its policy of expansionism
    The western countries remain silent as Israel continues its policy of expansion and land grab. Read the latest on this abominable action.
Posted by Edwin on 05/31/2012

What the Former Israeli Spy Master says
     There are deep cracks within the Israeli Government over the Iran issue. Here is what the former Israeli spy Chief says:
Posted by Edwin on 04/29/2012

What Did The Iranian President say about Israel:
     The use of propaganda and false information have always been used to sway public information.  The situation between Israel and Iran is a case in point. Here is the latest.
Posted by Edwin on 04/23/2012

Efforts are continuing to confuse the Dome of the Rock with the Al Aqsa Mosque

Do not be misled into believing that the Dome of the Rock is the Al Aqsa
Mosque, They are two separate buildings.



Posted by Edwin on 12/21/2011

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